Corloq: The Ultimate Adventure Travel Companion

Lightweight adventure travel gear that you can rely on regardless of the conditions is an important part of your kit. Having at least one good container that can hold everything you need to keep dry and ready is important. The Corlog EDC Dupont Dupont Zytel ® series container fits the bill. These containers are indestructible, weatherproof personal containers that can handle everything you can throw their way. These containers are designed and built in Boulder, Colorado and come with a 1-year warranty.

In the past, I have used film canisters and pill bottles to hold gear and even Altoid tins to hold important survival gear but these all have some serious faults and this Corloq container is as solid as can be and basically indestructible. Everyone has gear and personal items they want protected no matter what and Corloq’s EDC Dupont Zytel ® containers are perfect for discreet, secure dry storage for medications, supplements, ointments, batteries, car keys, matches, coffee, teas, contact lenses, currency, tinder and more. These are little heavy but you know everything inside is seriously protected.

The great news is that these come in at a price point that is under $30.00. These are at a price point where you can order a few.


High-strength Dupont Zytel ® construction, corrosion-resistant

Crush-proof, shatter-proof, pet-proof, child-safe, twist-lock cap

IP67 ingress protection: watertight, airtight, dirt and dust proof

Patented, super-durable design, food-safe materials

1-year warranty

Designed and assembled in the USA

Inside dimensions: 1.5″ ID x 3.3″ Length. Internal capacity:

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