“Come On Down” Big 8

I looked over Robbie’s game-camera photo of Big 8. He was a good looking buck; mature with a fine set of antlers. They were wide and heavier than usual for around here. His tines were a good length and as I admired his head-on photo I felt that my hunt for Big 8 was falling in place and I felt like things were going to work out and I’d get myself within the 20 yard range where I wanted to be … and it made sense to me that it might be soon, too.

Robbie bowhunted in the morning and then returned to his home to attend to his business matters. I got out my new Centerpoint Wrath 430X crossbow and shot several bolts into my Hurricane crossbow bag target.

The Wrath 430x came with a ‘Silent Cranking Device’ and it was a real aid to practicing. The ones I had previously used were loud and difficult to turn and one had broken its cable as I cranked. Yikes!

This Centerpoint Silent Crank is nothing like those others.

Best of all, it actually is QUIET when I crank the Centerpoint with it.
Second, it gives a 90% Reduction In Draw Weight.
I had a bda shoulder injury a few years ago and I can not draw my compound or recurve bows. So I went to the Crossbow, because I intend to bowhunt for as long as I’m alive.

Silent Crank fits Right Or Left-Handers. 
The Crank attachment Mounts onto the Buttstock of the Bow.
And it can stop it at any point in the cocking cycle.

Centerpoint Silent Cranking Device



I Settled In At My Weatherbeaten Tin-Shed Blind two hours earlier than usual. Later On 3 Does were in the nearby area and suddenly they looked to the east and went on alert.

I looked too. Across the valley in front of me, and at the top of the hillside … 120 yards away was Big 8.

He was standing, surveying my side of the valley. Then he started moving — this way.






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