CMP Board Member Highlight: Regina Chavis

The CMP Board of Directors is currently comprised of 9 individuals who share the same common interest: advancing marksmanship in the United States through safety, competitions and program opportunities. Though their goals are mutual, they come from an array of backgrounds – bringing with them their own unique experiences for the betterment of the organization. Here, we learn a little more about the individuals who are helping to lead CMP into the future.

Regina Chavis:


I was born to military parents, so I was born in Germany, lived 10 years in Taiwan, Catholic boarding school, came to the states at 15 to college in Texas, met my husband and started the military life of traveling to difference bases every 2-3 years all over the globe, to finally retiring in the Washington D.C. area. I currently live in southern Maryland, in Waldorf.

How did you hear about the CMP, initially?

Will Dantzler is a member of Military Officers Association of America (MOAA), which is where I am the CFO. He reached out to me due to my expertise and informed me about CMP and its mission.

Why did you decide to join the CMP Board?

After talking with Will, I felt I could support CMP’s mission and strongly want to make my contribution to its direction/vision.

What do you hope to achieve as a member of the CMP Board?

I hope to help the organization continue towards it goals and objections of its mission, which is to mainly support gun safety to the youth of America.

What are some of your hobbies – exercise, movies, knitting, favorite sports teams, etc.?

Of course, I love target shooting in any manner, hiking, kayaking, and skydiving! My favorite sports teams are the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Longhorns!!

What is a life motto you like to live by?

Family First and Always…. and live your life to the fullest…yesterday is guaranteed but tomorrow is a gift and never promised.

Are there any additional things we should know about you – anything that’s important to you or anything that you feel defines or has shaped who you are?

Having been from a military family my entire life, I feel that your immediate family is the most important thing to focus on and home is where that family is, no matter where in the “world” you may be at that moment.

Any additional comments?

I am honored to be part of this organization and hope to contribute to its success far into the future.


Regina Chavis has over thirty years of experience in public accounting and the nonprofit industry. As the Chief Financial Officer at the Military Officers Association of America she believes in the motto of “never stop serving”, which she has done throughout her career not only for veterans and their families, but the communities she has lived in all over the world. She is the child and surviving spouse of United States Air Force Retirees. She is a CPA and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Walsh College in Troy, Michigan. She has enjoyed the opportunity to travel the globe, from the time she was born in Germany to the time her spouse retired in the Washington DC area. “Aim High…Fly-Fight-Win”

Caption: Regina awarded the M16 EIC Match plaque during the 2022 Eastern CMP Games and Highpower Events held at Camp Butner, NC.

— By Ashley Dugan, CMP Staff Writer

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