CCI Blazer Named as the Most Frequently Purchased Handgun Ammunition Brand for 2022

CCI’s sub-brand Blazer was recently named the most frequently purchased handgun ammunition brand in Southwick Associates 2022 “Hunting & Shooting Participation and Equipment Purchases Consumer Tracking Study”. Southwick’s yearly survey compiled the feedback of over 9,000 hunters and recreational shooters.

“Once again, CCI is very proud of the continued popularity of Blazer Brass centerfire handgun ammunition,” said Handgun Ammunition Product Director, Nick Sachse. “We continue to push to provide consumers with a quality product that performs as well as consumers expect it to. We are also incredibly pleased to see that consumers are choosing CCI Blazer for their target shooting needs.”

CCI is known for its shotshells in popular handgun calibers, along with its Blazer and Blazer Brass target ammunition that includes a new 10mm offering. CCI New Blazer Brass 10mm Auto pushes its 180-grain FMJ bullet fast for accurate, realistic training. The loads use reliable brass cases and non-corrosive, non-mercuric CCI primers for clean, reliable ignition and consistent ballistics.

“Not only is CCI a popular brand for handgun shooters, CCI also ranked high in both the rifle ammunition and reloading components categories,” continued Sachse. “When it comes to target shooting or hunting with handgun or rimfire cartridges, as well as primers for reloaders: CCI continues to be a top-tier, go-to option for all types of shooting enthusiasts.”

Southwick’s in-depth resources illustrate shopping behaviors, such as where consumers buy, brand preferences, and amount spent. To learn more about the 2022 report, visit

CCI ammunition can be found at dealers nationwide. For more information on all products from CCI or to shop online, visit

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