Brownells Offers Exclusive Christensen Arms Barreled Actions

Brownells customers looking to build their own bolt-action rifles now have another high-quality option with Christensen Arms barreled actions available exclusively at Brownells.

Available in popular precision rifle cartridges such as 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, 300 PRC and 300 Win Mag, lightweight Christensen Arms barreled actions are on hand in two configurations, the Mesa – with stainless steel barrel and installed muzzle brake – and the Ridgeline – with carbon fiber wrapped barrel and threaded muzzle.

All barreled actions are ready to drop into the stock or chassis of the customer’s choice.

Customers can easily complete their own Christensen Arms rifle build with a wide variety of Christensen Arms stocks, bottom metals, muzzle devices and other parts available at

Because Christensen Arms barreled actions match the Remington 700 footprint, customers can also select compatible stocks and parts from a large range of manufacturers, also available at Brownells.

Christensen Arms barreled actions available exclusively at Brownells include:

Mesa Barreled Actions – Stainless Steel Barrels with Tungsten Cerakote

430-102-968        6.5 Creedmoor 22” barrel             $899.99 retail

430-102-958        6.5 Creedmoor 24” barrel             $899.99 retail

430-102-971       308 Winchester 22” barrel             $899.99 retail

430-102-964        6.5 PRC 24” barrel                        $899.99 retail

430-102-970        300 PRC 24” barrel                       $899.99 retail

430-102-967       300 PRC 26” barrel                        $899.99 retail

430-102-966        300 Win Mag 24” barrel                $899.99 retail

430-102-961        300 Win Mag 26” barrel                $899.99 retail

Ridgeline Barreled Actions—Carbon Fiber Barrels

430-102-957        6.5 Creedmoor 20” barrel              $1,199.99 retail

430-102-956        6.5 Creedmoor 24” barrel              $1,199.99 retail

430-102-969        308 Winchester 22” barrel             $1,199.99 retail

430-102-963        6.5 PRC 24” barrel                        $1,199.99 retail

430-102-962        300 PRC 22” barrel                       $1,199.99 retail

430-102-965        300 PRC 26” barrel                       $1,199.99 retail

430-102-959        300 Win Mag 22” barrel                 $1,199.99 retail

430-102-960        300 Win Mag 26” barrel                 $1,199.99 retail

All Christensen Arms barreled actions must ship to an FFL.

To see the full lineup of Christensen Arms parts, visit

About Christensen Arms                                                                                                

Established in 1995, Christensen Arms is focused on incorporating top-tier aerospace materials and processes into production – resulting in some of the most lightweight, precise, and accurate firearms in the industry and around the globe. Always made in America, from the first prototype to the state-of-art current production models.

About Brownells

Serious About Firearms Since 1939, Brownells is the world’s leading source for guns, gun parts and accessories, ammunition, gunsmithing tools and survival gear. With a large selection of both common and hard-to-find items, and an extensive collection of videos, articles, and gun schematics, Brownells is the expert for everything shooting-related. Committed to maintaining our great traditions, Brownells has more, does more and knows more – and guarantees it all, Forever. For more information or to place an order, call 800-741-0015 or visit Stay up-to-date with Brownells on YouTubeFacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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