Big Buck Pictures In March

When March comes, not many days remain until the bucks are bald headed and their racks, the big ones and small ones; are laying by a fence or trail, or are  partially hidden by dried leaves, grass or weeds.

By Robert Hoague

One thing I believe is that perseverance in my deerhunting and deer-picture-taking-life, along with my insistance on staying-in-the-game, has enriched my life and enlightened me in many more ways than just in hunting.

For example, a few mornings ago I was lucky enough to see a ‘Big Buck.’

So I started waking up earlier and watching the woods where I’d seen him. It took 4 mornings before I got lucky again. A slight movement in the trees caught my attention! I used my camera to zoom and focus on the area. Seconds later a deer’s head and fanny appeared and I took its picture.

The buck eased more of himself past the trunk of the tree. Wow!  I photographed him again.

He casually looked around the area and I got picture number 3.

This was definitely a buck I was glad to see. He stepped to the edge of the trees and smelled the ground.

A moment later he stepped ahead. Notice that his hocks are coal black and he was obviously on the lookout.

He ducked his head and stopped, and again smelled the ground.

Apparently, nothing smelled interesting enough because he continued on and walked right past my ground blind. He has a broken G3 tine on the side toward us. Earlier he had been a 9-pointer.

A few steps past me he angled to his left on a faint trail and continued deeper into the woods.

And here is the last picture I took of this as well as next year’s ‘Big Buck.’

Maybe I will get pictures again. Hmmm, maybe I can find his sheds. And there is a good chance he will be around in October this year.

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