Best Trail Camera Deals of 2022 You Can Shop Right Now

This will be that last year that Arizona hunters will be able to use trail cameras for scouting. Dave Hurteau

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Trail cameras, maybe more than any other type of gear, are a real buyer’s sweet spot. Go too cheap, and you’re likely to regret it when you’re looking at blurry images that all seem to be taken as your animal walks out of frame. Go too expensive, and the dollar-to-performance ratio doesn’t really justify the purchase. As a solution, we’ve compiled the best trail cam deals, so you can get quality trail cams at prices that are a bit easier on your wallet. 

Before any sales, most of our favorite trail cams and, now ubiquitous, cellular trail cams land in that $100-$200 price range. Most of the on-sale models we find here are in that price range, so you’re looking at closer to $100 with a discount. Any of these well performing cameras for less than $150 will be a great buy. 

Best Trail Camera Deals at Cabela’s

SpyPoint Link-Micro LTE for $79.98 (Save $40.01)Moultrie Mobile Delta Base Cellular Trail Camera for $79.99 (Save $20)Bushnell CelluCORE 20MP Cellular Trail Camera for $84.98 (Save $25.01)SpyPoint Flex Cellular Trail Camera for $99.98 (Save $50.01)SpyPoint Link-Micro-S LTE for $129.98 (Save $40.01)

Best Amazon Trail Camera Deals

Hawkray Trail Camera 20MP 1080P for $41.39 (Save $28.60)Bushnell Trophy Cam Trail Camera for $143.99 (Save $37.96)Stealth Cam 2022 G42NG, Two Pack for $219.99 (Save $86)

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