Best Archery Targets of 2022

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Best Overall

Rinehart RhinoBlock XL


Best Bag Target

Morrell Supreme Range


Best 3D Target

Rinehart Woodland Jimmy Big Tine


Bring the archery range to your backyard with one of the best archery targets of 2022. Whether you are on a budget or are looking for a semi-permanent fixture in your shooting range, we have the targets you won’t want to miss. 

Investing in an archery target at home is one of the fastest and easiest ways to improve your shooting accuracy. The issue is that while the market feels over-saturated with target options, many don’t last that long. In choosing the best archery targets for this roundup, we surveyed bow hunters and archery experts to see what they use and determined which targets actually hold up to the test of time (and arrows). 

Best Overall: Rinehart RhinoBlock TargetBest Large Block Target: Block Range Archery 48Best Bag Target: Morrell Supreme RangeBest 3D Target: Rinehart Woodland Jimmy Big Tine TargetBest Budget: Hurricane Bag Archery Target

Best Overall: Rinehart RhinoBlock Target

Best Overall

Key Features

Materials: Self-healing foamWeight: 25 lbsDimensions: 18″ x 18″ x 13″


Extremely durable Foam insert is replaceable Great for variation in shooting practice Works with field points and broadheads


Can be difficult to remove arrows at times

Rinehart is a go-to target brand among the Field and Stream staff because of the high quality and durability of the self-healing foam. The Rinehart RhinoBlock or RhinoBlock XL Targets are equally sturdy but are available in different sizes. If we had to choose between the two, we might pick the XL simply because it offers a larger target area. It provides six sides to add more variation to your target practice and is relatively lightweight so it’s easy to move around. It does an excellent job stopping field points and broadheads (including expandable broadheads), making it an even more versatile target. Depending on the speed, the arrow’s penetration isn’t too deep, but it can still occasionally be challenging to remove the arrow.

While all six sides of the target have great options for practicing, we like that two sides depict the vital zones of a deer. It brings a bit of the 3D target feel to a classic foam block. Made with high-density foam, it is likely the longest-lasting foam target option on the market. You can easily get three years of target practice—or more—depending on how often you shoot.

Best Large Block Target: Block Range Archery 48

Best Large Block Target

Key Features

Materials: FoamWeight: 203 lbsDimensions: 48″ x 48″ x 18″


Pro archery range quality Easy arrow removalWorks with broadheads and field tipsDurable Made in the USA



If you are looking for a semi-permanent target to make an at-home archery range, a large block target like the Block Range Archery 48 is an excellent investment. It’s also available in 24 and 28 sizes if a smaller version better suits your space. These foam block targets utilize compressed friction foam, providing an enhanced arrow-stopping target area. The uniform unglued compression of layer foam also makes it easy to remove arrows.

To appeal to all archers, we tried to include as many targets on the list compatible with broadheads and field tips. All Block Range Archery targets will stop all broadheads and field tips. The PolyFusion Technology of the foam not only improves stopping power but also the overall durability and lifespan of the target.

Best Bag Target: Morrell Supreme Range

Best Bag Target

Key Features

Materials: PolypropyleneWeight: 36 lbsDimensions: 29″ x 14″ x 31″


Good for long-range archery Easy arrow removal Weather-resistant and durable Replaceable cover


Field point only

Most bag targets for archery will be field point only, so although we have that listed as a con for the Morrell Supreme Range, it is simply because we find bag targets a little less versatile overall when it comes to practicing skills. Despite that, it is an exceptionally good target, especially if your targets are set outside for extended periods (or even all of the time). This target works quite well for beginners or young archers just learning because you can use it from various ranges. As skills improve, the same target can be used. Plus, it is relatively easy for anyone to pull arrows out of this target.

A few standout features of this bag target include a replaceable weatherproof cover that’s available in different patterns and will keep the classic bullseye rings easy to see no matter the distance. However, you likely won’t need to worry about that—the bag’s interior is exceptionally durable and will likely outlast the cover.

Best 3D Target: Rinehart Woodland Jimmy Big Tine Target

Best 3D Target

Key Features

Materials: Self-healing foamWeight: 30.8 lbsDimensions: 32″ x 30.75″ x 9.25″


Durable self-healing foam Easy to remove arrowsCompatible with compound bows and crossbows Very lifelike Weatherproof materials


Antlers can be hard to mount Expensive

If you want to perfect an ethical kill for deer hunting, we recommend the Rinehart Woodland Jimmy Big Tine 3D Target. While it can feel a bit expensive, you are getting what you pay for with this product. Like other Rinehart targets, it’s made with self-healing foam that stands the test of time (and many arrows). The entire body is durable and weatherproof, so you’ll have no problem keeping it outdoors most of the time.

No matter the bow you use to hunt, it is likely compatible with this target. Rinehart states that it has the stopping power for crossbows and compound bows with all arrow types. Although it is durable, if you are hitting the same spot repeatedly, it may become spongey with time and allow an arrow to pass through eventually. If you are a precision shooter and have been using this target for a long time, it is worth noting, so you’re prepared when it’s stopping power changes.

Best Budget: Hurricane Bag Archery Target

Best Budget

Key Features

Materials: NylonWeight: 20 lbsDimensions: ‎20″ x 11″ x 22.5″


Design available in three sizesAiming points on frontDeer vitals on back Easy to see patterns Relatively durable for the price


Only compatible with field points

If you’re on a budget and only plan to use field points, a bag target is the way to go. Many brands offer affordable and reliable bag targets for a reasonable price. We like the Hurricane Bag Archery Target because it comes in various sizes and the patterns on the bag’s exterior are easy to see. On one side of the bag featured here, you have the classic aiming points, while on the other side, deer vitals are depicted. That way, you can continue to improve your accuracy to perform more ethical kills while remaining within your budget.

Things to Consider Before Buying Archery Targets

Type of Target

One of the top considerations when choosing an archery target for you is the type of target you’d prefer to use. There are three primary types of targets on the market, including foam blocks, bags, and 3D targets. 

Foam Blocks: Foam block targets can be called either foam targets or block targets. They are either layered polyethylene or highly compressed, self-healing foam. Foam targets are one of the most versatile options because you can shoot from various angles and with different arrow designs. Depending on the durability of the foam target, they will last quite a while, and we also like that they are relatively portable. Pay attention to the block target you buy and the draw weight of your bow to ensure you get one that properly fits your target practice needs. 

Bags: Bag targets are an affordable archery target option and decent for a high volume of arrows. We only recommend that bag targets be used if you use field points, not broadheads. Some bags can take higher feet per second (FPS), depending on the specific target. Bag targets are perfect for beginners and generally also work well for kids learning because they can easily remove the arrows after shooting. 

3D: The biggest draw to 3D targets is that it helps you make the most ethical shot while bowhunting. It gives a more realistic target practice experience and will likely improve your accuracy in the field. Most 3D targets are lightweight enough to easily move around, allowing you to practice from various angles like from a treestand. 

Another budget option is to make a target at home. Homemade targets tend to be made from things like pieces of foam, hay, straw, cardboard, or compressed carpet. Homemade targets are not generally recommended for compound bows but they can work well for recurve bows. 

Stopping Power

The stopping power of your target is very important and needs to line up with your bow’s FPS limit. The most common arrow speed limits are 350 fps, 450 fps, or 500 fps. It’s generally determined by the type of bow you are using. 

The stopping power should also depend on the type of arrow you use. Consider the target type and whether or not it’s compatible with broadhead arrows or only field tip arrows. Most bag targets only work with field tip arrows, but foam targets work well with either variety. We recommend finding one versatile enough to use different bows and arrows with so you can improve your skills across the board. 

Ease of Use

Other considerations to make when choosing the best archery targets for your needs are the shootable sides, durability, arrow removal, and portability. 

To practice a variety of angles and positions, look for a target that you can shoot on several sides and that’s portable so you can take it into the field to practice instead of only using it in your backyard. 

Arrow removal generally isn’t a top priority, but if you are a beginner or buying a target for a young archer, it may be more of a consideration. Bag targets are often the easiest to remove arrows from and work well for beginners. 

Durability should be a major factor. Unless you are on a tight budget, we recommend finding a target that can last you several seasons of target practice. While it needs to withstand being shot with arrows, it should also be able to withstand various weather conditions as you’ll likely keep it outside. If the core materials of the target are high quality, a replaceable cover is worth investing in so you can use the target for much longer and replace the exterior as it gets beat up. 


Q: How big should a target be for archery?

How big a target for archery should be depends on the type of bow you are using and the distance you are shooting from. On average, recurve shooters use a target with a 122-centimeter face from 70 meters away. Compound bow shooters may shoot from over 50 meters at a target 80 centimeters in diameter. These are averages, and traditional targets can have a five-color, 10-ring target sizing from 40 centimeters to 122 centimeters. 

Q: What makes a good archery target?

A common and reliable material for archery targets is foam. Not all foam targets are of the same quality or durability, but good foam targets have ideal stopping power, don’t leave residue on arrows, and are easy to pull arrows from after shooting. Targets may also be made from cloth, compressed carpets, straw, cardboard, or hay. Many of those target materials are used when making the target yourself at home. 

Q: What type of archery target is the best choice for deer hunting?

Any target is a good target for deer hunting because you are improving your accuracy and precision in your shooting. Many people enjoy using 3D targets for deer hunting practice because it allows them to aim for certain parts of the body. 

Q: How long do archery targets last?

How long an archery target lasts depends on the materials and quality of the product. On average, any target should endure at least 2,000 arrows. Higher-end targets should last anywhere from 10,000 to 30,000 shots. Individual brands and products should estimate how long the product will last. 

Q: What archery target lasts the longest?

Across the board, many experts agree that Rinehart archery targets are the longest-lasting. Other target brands and even homemade targets can still have good results, but the Rinehart brand is very reliable if you’re looking for a long-lasting product. 

Final Thoughts

The best archery targets last years of target practice and provide you with a range of shooting distances. Beyond durability, we think the best targets ensure high-quality stopping power, do not leave residue on the arrow, and make it relatively easy to remove the arrow after shooting. While we did list one budget pick, it won’t be as long-lasting. Another option if you want to save some money and still get some practice at home is to make an archery target yourself. 

How We Made Our Picks

We did our best only to include archery targets that made our list were ones that have been used by staff members at Field and Stream. These targets have been put to the test and are well-loved by many writers and editors while they do their archery practice at home. While not all targets have the same durability rating, they all get the job done and are sure to fit your target practicing needs. If you didn’t find the perfect archery target on our list, use the buying considerations section above for further guidance before you buy. 

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