Baschieri & Pellagri Gives Competitive Shooters the Edge

Baschieri & Pellagri USA, manufacturer of the world’s premiere shotshells for sporting clays and hunting, gives competitive shooters, especially those who hammer hard-to-hit plastic targets, a decisive advantage with the new Helice.

Helice targets, also known as ZZ birds, are said by many competitive shooters to be “the hardest of all flying targets to hit.” Made of plastic and not clay, these targets dip, dive, and move similar to unpredictable bird flight. For this reason, helice shooters demand shot-to-shot consistency, and Helice Domination provides it. A triple threat of perfect payloads, honed velocities, and a wad that delivers undeniable performance, this load was designed specifically with the helice shooter in mind. 

Helice is available in 12-gauge, 2 3/4-inch loads with perfectly spherical White Lead in shot sizes of #7 1/2 (1300 fps) and #8 (1365 fps). Helice Domination comes in 10-round boxes with 10 boxes per case.  It also includes the venerable Gordon System technology with a unique, shock-absorbing base wad dramatically reduces felt recoil.

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About Baschieri & Pellagri USA

Founded in 1885, Baschieri & Pellagri has led the world in shotshell ammunition innovation and quality standards for the hunting and competitive shooting segments and is the developer of the recoil-attenuating Gordon case. B&P shotshells have long held the industry benchmark for world-class competition and field sport performance.

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