Barnett’s® XP405™ is the New Alpha Predator in the Crossbow Market

For 2024, Barnett®, the original pioneers of crossbow technology, has introduced the revamped XP405! The compact, lightweight design and side-mount quiver make transporting the XP405 a breeze and the ideal crossbow for hunting in deep cover. 

Equipped with Barnett’s cutting-edge technology, the XP405 offers a range of advanced features that redefine the standards in archery. A five-position, quick-adjust buttstock suits both small- and large-frame hunters alike, enabling a customizable length-of-pull for a precision fit and ultimate accuracy. The compact and uber-efficient design is built for performance, shooting bolts at 405 FPS with 138 lbs. of kinetic energy for supreme knockdown power!

The XP405, like all Barnett crossbows, is designed with hunter safety in mind without compromising performance. An ambidextrous safety, anti-dry-fire trigger, and pass-through palm rest with finger reminders keep shooters’ fingers safe while also providing smooth execution shot after shot. The trigger comes equipped with Barnett’s proprietary TriggerTech® with 3 lbs. Frictionless Release Technology, a $200 value, gives users deadly consistent shots and improved accuracy. 

The XP405 crossbow comes with a package of accessories, including two 20-inch Headhunter Arrows with 100-grain target points, a 4×32-mm illuminated red/green multi-reticle scope, side-mount three-arrow quiver, rope cocking device, and string and lube wax. With the XP405 from Barnett, hunters will take the lead dog position on the hunt, howling success on and off the trail!

XP405 Features:

Rope-Hold Rope Cocking Device Groove Mechanism – (Patent Pending)

Metal Injection Molded (MIM) Trigger

Soft-Lok Floating Bristle Arrow Retainer

TriggerTech 3-lb. zero creep Frictionless Release Technology – $200 value

Anti-Dry-Fire trigger system

Pre-Installed String Dampeners

Three Picatinny rails

CnC Machined Aluminum Flight Track

Pass-through Foregrip w/ Finger Safety Reminders

Explorer Crank Cocking Device Compatible

Adjustable butt stock

Available in Veil Stroke camo

XP405 Specs:

405 FPS

Draw Weight: 200 lbs

Axle-to-Axle: 13” (Cocked)

Overall Weight: 6.2 lbs

Kinetic Energy: 135 lbs

Powerstroke: 13.8”

MSRP: $629.99

About Barnett Crossbows

Barnett is the first and longest-standing crossbow company with a storied heritage. Founded in 1962, we are the pioneer of the modern-day crossbow. Barnett’s tradition of innovation has brought about numerous “firsts” in the crossbow & archery industry for the past 60 years. Barnett innovates and supplies a broad spectrum of high-performance and value-driven crossbows, vertical and youth bows, and archery accessories popular with both hunting and recreational shooters. Barnett is also the leading provider of slingshots and accessories.

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