Barnett Hyper Raptor

Before the Pandemic, when elk licenses were possible to draw, I bought an Idaho tag with my eye on a promising chunk of public land.  I knew I would need plenty of penetration to kill an elk with a crossbow, possibly at a longer range.  With these needs in mind, I opted for a Barnett Hyper Ghost 425 that launched smaller diameter .204-inch arrows for greater penetration.  My gear resulted in a complete bull pass-through at 50 yards and a great 6X6 on the ground.

Hyper Raptor has Even More Improvements.

This Barnett flagship bow launches arrows up to 410 fps with bone-crushing kinetic energy of 142 pounds- that’s 50 pounds more than required to hunt Cape buffalo in South Africa.  Best of all, it is designed to shoot those same.204 Hyper Flight arrows that zipped through my big bull elk at maximum range.

Halo Riser Flight

Aside from a cool-looking and ultra-concealing camouflage finish, the Hyper Raptor is built with a Halo Riser Design, which eliminates crossed cables and cable lean, giving the limbs extra stability and consistency.  Despite the power and lethality of this bow, it weighs just a tad over seven pounds and narrows to seven inches when fully cocked.


Rope Cocking Saves Bundles

A tiny red bubble is built next to the cocking groove.  When engaged, this dot makes a small click to tell you that the cocking rope is engaged and keeps the rope from popping out.  If you believe in keeping gear simple, you can appreciate the knowledge that you don’t need a machine or a bunch of moving parts to cock this bow.  Plus, by cocking the bow manually, you save $1000, maybe two, over premium brands with similar features.

.204 HyperFlite Arrows

With a straightness tolerance of +/- .001 inch, HyperFlite arrows with a small-diameter .204 shaft and over 15% FOC provide more than 25% deeper penetration than standard diameter arrows.  I hunted Cape buffalo a few years ago and did extensive tests on arrow weight and diameter.  I found a crossbow that shot standard compound arrows and used it to compare standard crossbow arrows with Easton Axis models.  Whereas traditional diameter crossbow arrows stuck in the target, the smaller diameter Axis shafts completely penetrated with nearly complete pass-throughs.  Arrow diameter makes a HUGE difference.


$599 is an Amazing Price

Normally, I don’t print the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRP) because they fluctuate based on the time and place of purchase.  However, this bow is an amazing value, and even if it rises a click or two, it’s still a great deal.   Barnett also offers a unique pistol crossbow and a scope that enhances low-light shooting conditions.  For all the details, click here.