ATN X-Sight 4K Pro 3-14x Review

I’ve used a variety of scopes over the years — fixed power, variable power, and more recently, “smart scopes.” More officially known as electro-optics, there are several types from several different manufacturers. The technology is still developing and not 100% mainstream, though it is becoming more popular.

Personally, I’ve had experience with a few electro-optics. SIG SAUER’s BDX system combines ballistics calculators and Bluetooth to show a personalized aiming point within a traditional scope reticle based on your distance and ammunition. While I haven’t thoroughly tested this system, I was especially impressed with it.

ATN’s X-Sight 4K Pro scope

ATN’s X-Sight 4K Pro scope incorporates even more features. It has a built-in rangefinder, but is also Bluetooth and Wi-Fi equipped. It can stream photos and videos at 1080p (also saved to an SD) — ideal for content sharing. You can also change the reticle color and style. I found this especially helpful as I have discovered different shooting applications require different reticles. The ATN X-Sight 4K Pro allows for this.

The main display provides a host of information ranging from wind conditions to cant, zoom and more. Five buttons atop the scope allow for navigation through the various menus. They are easy to reach while maintaining my view through the scope, but I did find the number of options both impressive and overwhelming. It took some time to work through everything within the scope and at times the system froze. All ATN scopes come with a warranty, which they honored in sending a second test model.

This day-night scope comes with scope mounts and an infrared light for night vision. The “night vision” on this scope isn’t true night vision. You still need some sort of ambient light to see at any lengthy distance. In my opinion, the value of this scope comes with the ability to see more clearly in low-light conditions. I was very impressed with this ability. While ideal for coyotes, it also gives big game hunters a better field of view than a traditional scope for approximately the last half hour of legal shooting light.

Unlike a traditional scope, ATN’s scope is more like a camera projection or tv screen. It has several brightness levels, but coming off the scope in low light or no light is especially jarring. It takes some time to readjust, so you are essentially blind for at least a few moments after looking through the scope. In a hunting scenario, this could make it tricky to grab extra ammunition or a magazine.

Other features include RAV (recoil-activated video) and one-shot zero. Rather than worrying about having to hit record when a shot opportunity presents itself, RAV automatically records a few seconds before, during and after the shot, so you don’t miss anything. This can be particularly helpful in determining final shot placement when tracking an animal as well as for preserving memories.

One-shot zero is designed to help you get a proper zero after just one shot. The first step is to open the one-shot zero feature. Take your first shot and digitally align the reticle to your first shot location. It will adjust the on-screen reticle so that your next shot, when the reticle is placed over the center and the shooter takes a good shot, will land in the intended location. I personally didn’t have great luck with this feature. It took me more than one shot to get a perfect zero.

ATN X-Sight 4K Review Summary

Overall, this is a very interesting product. I didn’t care for the screen rather than traditional glass — it wore on my eyes and it felt unnatural. I spent more time trying to navigate the scope than shooting it. There are many exciting features here, including low-light enhancement and video recording, but it would take significant time to truly understand how to work everything well.

The ATN X-Sight 4K is available in black and several camouflage patterns. There are two available lenses, 3-14x ($699) and 5-20x ($799).

Technical Specifications:

Magnification: 3-14x

Field of view at 1000 yds: 460 ft (9°)

Sensor: ATN 4K M265 Sensor, 3864 (H) x 2218 (V)

Core: ATN Obsidian IV Dual Core

System Resolution: 600 lp/mm

Micro Display: 1280×720 HD Display

Eye relief: 90 mm

Video Record Resolution: 1080p @ 30/60/120** fps

Ballistic Calculator: Yes

WiFi (Streaming, Gallery, & Controls): iOS & Android

Bluetooth: Yes

3D Gyroscope: Yes

3D Accelerometer: Yes

E-Barometer: Yes

Smart Range Finder: Yes

RAV (Recoil Activated Video): Yes

Electronic Compass: Yes

Smooth Zoom: Yes

Night Vision Mode: Yes

Reticles: Multiple Patterns & Color Options

Microphone: Yes

Micro SD card: 4 to 64 Gb

Micro USB, type C: Yes

Mount: 30 mm Standard Rings (included)

IR Illuminator: Included

Battery life (Li-ion): 18 + hrs

Battery type: Internal Lithium Ion Battery

Waterproof rating / IP rating: Weather resistant

Smart Mil Dot Value Range:  1.0-10.0

Operating Temperature: -20°F to +120°F / -28°C to 48°C

Dimensions (body only): 13.8″x3″x3″/ 350x76x76 mm

Weight: 2.1 lb / 0.94 kg Warranty: 2 years

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