APEX Ammunition to Exhibit at 2023 Delta Waterfowl Duck Hunters Expo

APEX Ammunition, makers of award-winning, handloaded Tungsten Super Shot (TSS) shotshells, will be exhibiting at the Delta Waterfowl Duck Hunters Expo in Little Rock, Arkansas, July 28-30, 2023. Located in Booth # 198 in the Little Rock Statehouse Convention Center, APEX will showcase its extensive waterfowl ammunition offerings. The three-day show is open to the public and will feature the latest in duck hunting gear, duck calling contests, decoy demonstrations and more.

“The Delta Waterfowl Duck Hunters Expo is an outstanding event, and our team looks forward to attending each year and spending time with so many others who are as passionate about waterfowl hunting as we are,” said Jason Lonsberry, President and CEO, APEX Ammunition. “Our company pioneered the commercial application of TSS with the goal of producing the finest shotshells possible. This is why we handload every TSS shell we make because the precision required to achieve our superior patterning and performance cannot be accomplished by machine loading. APEX TSS loads also have a higher payload per gauge which results in better pattern density and increased lethality.”

In addition to TSS, APEX also offers a TSS/S3 Steel Blend and S3 Steel loads to meet an even wider array of hunters’ needs and price points. All APEX Waterfowl loads feature an advanced Tungsten-grade wad system to deliver the tightest patterns and best barrel protection possible. Waterfowl offerings include:

Waterfowl TSS

The APEX Waterfowl TSS Z-series is a devastatingly hard-hitting (18.1 g/cc) Tungsten Super Shot load meticulously handloaded for ultimate consistency and patterning. Available in 12-gauge, 20-gauge, and 28-gauge loads.

Waterfowl TSS / S3 Steel Blend

These devastating “duplex” loads combine No. 9 or 7.5 Tungsten Super Shot with various shot sizes of APEX’s S3 zinc-plated steel shot.

APEX S3 Steel features perfectly uniform pellets for optimum patterning in a steel load, and when combined with ultra-high-density TSS, helps deliver a harder hitting payload and improved terminal performance to reduce crippling. Available in 12 gauge and 20 gauge.

APEX also offers the popular Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blend load of No. 8 TSS and No. 3 S3 Steel in 12 gauge only.

Waterfowl S3 Steel

APEX’s Waterfowl S3 Steel is zinc plated for improved performance in a steel load. Normal steel shot has tiny voids and uneven surfaces from the manufacturing process. APEX’s zinc-coating fills these voids and imperfections creating consistently rounder pellets. The zinc also acts as a lubricant resulting in more consistent pellet drop when loading and greatly reduces the chance of pellet “bridging” where one pellet becomes locked with another. The reduced friction also allows for better movement of the pellets against each other in the firing process, resulting in fewer stray pellets known as fliers. The same advanced Tungsten-grade wad system used in the TSS line is also used in the S3 shotshells and, when combined with APEX’s premium zinc-plated steel, delivers superior patterning in a steel load. Available in 12 gauge and 20 gauge.

During the Duck Hunters Expo, APEX will have its Z-Series Waterfowl TSS loads for sale in addition to the APEX Flight Bag. This handsome, waxed-canvas shell bag, with APEX logo-stamped, heavy-duty leather strap and buckle, contains five 25-round boxes of S3 Steel Waterfowl shells.

About APEX Ammunition

What started in 2017 with a few handmade shells for a hunting trip with buddies has become an obsession to provide wingshooters with the absolute best performing ammunition possible. Founded by U.S. Veterans and hunting enthusiasts in the great state of Mississippi, APEX Ammunition pioneered the commercial application of ultra-high-density Tungsten Super Shot to

create the hardest hitting, most accurate shot loads in the business. The driving principle behind the company’s continued quest for innovation and better performance is its commitment to delivering a hunting experience like no other. For more information, visit ApexAmmunition.com.

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