AG Composites – More Than the Average Custom Stock

In this world of mass production, where automated, computerized production helps cut costs and increase the precision of the components being manufactured, consumers often end up with products that are just the same as everyone else’s. That’s not a bad thing when we’re talking about auto parts, but when it comes to your rifle’s stock, having something that has been finished by hand will give it a unique, one-of-a-kind look that engenders a sense of pride of ownership not found in mass-produced stocks.

AG Composites, a veteran-owned company that designs and manufactures advanced composite products, combines the best of both worlds – advanced computerized design and manufacture with hand finishing – to produce the world’s finest composite rifle stocks, each with a unique look.

“AG Composites is a company built on technology using modern design software from Solidworks and AutoDesk to create Computer Aided Design (CAD) models of every stock we manufacture,” said Matt Tandy, AG Composites owner. “At the same time, 90 percent of the work on every AG Composite stock is hands-on craftmanship. We rely on the skills of our stock finishers to give each stock a unique look. For example, each stock is hand painted and, although they need to be consistent in the pattern, I can tell which of our employees painted each stock, as they all have their own unique style. The result is a unique look that our customers love.

“At AG Composites, our design engineers bring their aerospace industry CAD modeling experience to every stock we design,” continued Tandy. “In addition, we use only the highest-quality carbon fiber, epoxy, and paint products to manufacture our premium line of composite rifle stocks. “Our proprietary manufacturing process is the ‘secret sauce’ behind our ability to produce best-in-class stocks with delivery times that are a fraction of our competitors. Consistency, efficiency, cost control, and frequent quality control checks are the primary drivers of each step of our manufacturing process. Our goal is to give our customers outstanding value and superior performance and be the best in the business.”

More information on the company’s complete line of products and how they are produced can be found at

About AG Composites
AG Composites is a veteran-owned company that designs and manufactures advanced composite products in Owens Cross Roads, Ala. The company uses modern design software to create Computer Aided Design (CAD) models and the highest quality carbon fiber, epoxy and paint to make its line of rifle stocks. Every stock is tested with the action, bottom metal and barrel hardware before it ships to the customer. The company is known for delivering its products in weeks, not months. AG Composites’ mission is to be the most responsive reliable and supportive supplier in the advanced composites industry. The company can be reached at 1-833-AGSTOCK, or

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