6 Exciting Products from ATA

Rage is one of America’s most popular broadhead brands, and the new Black Series comes with “insurance.” With compound bows at 350 fps and crossbows over 500 fps, all three new Black Series heads come with vertical bow and crossbow collars.  Personally, I believe this is a wise move to ensure that high-speed arrows won’t open prematurely.  The Black models offer cut-on-contact, chisel, and Trypan +P tips, and each features 420 stainless steel blades honed to a razor’s edge.

New Nockturnal Nocks

Lighted nocks are fun to shoot and critical to game recovery but can be maddening to turn off.  Nocturnal introduces the Shift G nock, that has a physical switch to eliminate this frustrating problem.  They are available in red, green, and red/green strobe, fit X, H, S, and GT arrows, with 20+ hours of battery life.

GlenDel 3-D Targets

My GlenDel buck is old enough to attend college, yet it gets plenty of “study” each fall.  This new Half Scale Elk target is exciting to shoot in a reasonable size.  If you are planning an archery elk hunt, you must condition yourself to aim behind the shoulder as the skeletal anatomy of wapiti is notorious for warding off arrows with thick muscles and a stout shoulder blade.

Spot-On Black Bear

As tough as an elk shoulder can be, black bears have a gristle plate covering their shoulder that acts like a shield.  GlenDel has the vitals realistically behind the shoulder and a broadhead there has incredible lethality.  I once shot a black bear that took three jumps and went paws-in-the-air.  Whether you have a bear hunt planned or are just living the dream, you will love this target.

AXE Crossbow

The AXE 400 emphasizes durability and accuracy with a new limb design tested to over 1,000 shots.  The AXE 400 package includes a high-end scope for greater precision at multiple distances.  A new quiver location makes accessing arrows easier and creates a compact design for transport and carry.  Despite a draw weight of 200 pounds, the bow cocks easily with a rope.  An AXE soft case is available with multiple pockets for arrows and broadheads.

Feed Them and They will Come.

Capsule offers two new feeders for 2024.  The Out-100 Outpost 20-lb Game Feeder can attract deer for two to three weeks, is easy to hang and installs by throwing a rope over a limb.  It operates on four AA batteries and activates twice per day for the length you set.  For a longer feeding cycle, the Capsule 200 LB feeder will keep game in your area for extended periods.  The grounded design eliminates dangerous filling routines of overhead feeders.  It can be mounted to the ground with four anchor holes and a solar panel extends battery life.