5MM AXIS Arrows Now Feature Factory Helical Fletching

Salt Lake City, Utah – Easton, the leading manufacturer of high-performance archery equipment, is proud to announce the addition of factory helical fletching to its popular 5MM AXIS arrows. Serious bow hunters rely on AXIS for the perfect blend of velocity and added penetration. With the addition of factory helical fletching, AXIS now offers more broadhead accuracy right out of the box.

Factory helical fletching sets the vanes at a slight angle to the arrow shaft, creating a helix shape that offers benefits of increased stability, improved arrow flight, and greater effective range, resulting in improved broadhead accuracy and easier tuning. Overall, factory helical fletching is a valuable tool for archers looking to enhance their shooting skills and increase their chances of success in the field.

AXIS arrows are known as the premier carbon hunting shafts in the industry today.  Bowhunters look to AXIS for their 5mm micro-diameter to keep arrows on target in crosswinds and reduce friction for added penetration. Made-in-USA AXIS shafts feature Easton’s exclusive seamless ACU-carbon, known for accuracy with its consistent spine and weight.  5mm AXIS, with the new factory helical fletching, is available in seven spine sizes, from 600 through 200.

For more information on Easton’s 5MM AXIS arrows with factory helical fletching, visit www.eastonarchery.com

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