In the world of fly fishing, a nymph is an artificial insect that various freshwater fish (especially trout) find alluring.

Why are nymph flies with striking shades so tempting to trout? And how can fly fishing utilizing a nymph improve your likelihood of a successful fly fishing trip amid certain water conditions? 

Explore the nuances of using bright-colored nymphs for fly fishing below, and check out Wild Water Fly Fishing’s variety of nymphs.


The nymphal stage is considered to be an aquatic insect’s infancy. Nymphs are frequently spotted in streams, lakes, rivers, and ponds and are often a fish’s favorite food. Trout absolutely love to chow down on nymph insects — which is good news for us fly fishers looking to catch fish.

Nymphs are one of several types of flies, including egg flies, dry flies, streamers, poppers,  foam flies, saltwater flies, deer hair flies, and terrestrials.

Since nymphs imitate insects found mainly on the streambed, and trout eat almost 90% of their diet below the surface, they are excellent flies to consider bringing to make your next trip to the water all the more worthwhile, no matter your skill level!


You’re on a fly fishing trip, and due to heavy rain, the water is murky, deep, and fast-moving. Under these high water conditions, fish tend to shelter in deep, slow-moving water, so you’ll want to fish the bottom of river pools using a bright-colored nymph to grab their attention.

Simply put, bright-colored nymphs present well to fish in high water. Despite their colorful flashiness, fishing these small insect imitations can make it challenging for anglers to detect strikes. Strike indicators can help you track your line beneath the water’s surface and signal a gentle take from trout.


Are you on a quest to secure some trout to sear with some butter and lemon? We say the brighter your fly, the better. Trout have excellent vision and can recognize a potential meal even in murky water conditions.

And think about it: Don’t bright, shiny things allure us? Nymphs with dazzling hues are incredibly enticing for trout as they’re more eye-catching. They look more delicious than the everyday insect in its nymphal or larva stage. Many fly-fishers find that by using a colorful nymph, they can catch a more significant number of fish.


Wild Water Fly Fishing offers an extensive selection of individual nymph flies. Here are some of our most vibrant and inviting options:

Bead Head Purple Prince Nymph

Bead Head Olive Flashback Nymph

Bead Head Black Flashback Nymph

Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear Bead Head Nymph

Olive Electric Caddis


When fly fishing, make sure you’re prepared with the right gear.

From bright-colored nymphs and strike indicators to trout fly fishing kits, Wild Water Fly Fishing has everything you need for a successful day in murky, high water conditions.

If you have any questions about how our products can make for a better fly fishing experience, feel free to reach out.

For more information regarding Wild Water Fly Fishing and their products, please contact Dena Vick, dena@kingeiderpr.com.

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