After a long winter and too many hours sitting on my backside, spring is a welcome change. It is also the same for whitetail deer as a chance to change their diet from winter long browse to succulent new growth.

This change in the diet to everything green also greatly increases their need for salt and minerals. To make this even more relevant it coincides with new antler growth for males, and females ready to birth a new year crop of fawns. These almost deer moms will soon be lactating to feed their newly born fawns.

I look forward to this time of year and getting back out in the deer woods to start my mineral sites.

I begin by freshening last year’s mineral sites by using a garden hoe to dig up some fresh soil and mixing into this fresh soil a pale of Lucky Buck Minerals

Over the years I have found Lucky Buck to be most productive in having deer utilize my mineral licks. The right mix of minerals and salt is particularly important to make your licks palatable for your deer herd.

My next efforts are to start new licks in spots I have found heavy deer traffic or in new areas I found and want to hunt. In these areas I like to find intersecting trails and look for soft ground or old rotted stumps close to the trails and add my mineral using the same strategy as earlier mentioned.

After starting these sites, I add my trail cameras to them and get set to watch the local bucks grow their antler and keep watch on the new crop of fawns. I will be adding pictures each week so all can follow these happenings and demonstrate just how effective my mineral sites can be. I want to thank the folks at Lucky Buck for their support in these articles and the sharing of their vast knowledge of minerals for wildlife.