Watch an Epic Battle Between a Python, Honey Badger, and Two Jackals

Honey badgers are known to be fierce predators. Caters Video via YouTube

Some wildlife videos are just too good not to share. This video fits that bill. Recorded by Roselyne Kerjosse in 2019, it shows three—yes, three—different species of wild animals duking it out at a wildlife reserve in Africa.

“A wildlife wrestling showdown was captured in film by a group of amazed tourists, ending in an unexpected twist,” wrote Caters Video. “While on safari in Chobe Park, Botswana, Roselyne Kerjosse, captured an epic triple-threat match between a hungry python, a lucky honey badger, and a sneaky pair of jackals that would put the WWE to shame.”

The video begins with the python wrapped around the honey badger, slowly squeezing it to death—before a curious jackal enters the scene. The python strikes at the jackal while keeping the rest of its body wrapped around the badger. But the jackal is undeterred. It returns, distracting the python long enough for the badger to slip free. But instead of fleeing, the badger goes on the offensive and bites the snake. It pulls on the python from one side while the jackal attacks it from the other.

Then, another jackal enters the fray and starts lunging at the badger. Eventually, the badger and jackals seem to kill the snake — and then start playing tug of war with it for several minutes, as a giant rhino can be seen walking in the background. The whole thing is African wildlife viewing at its finest. Eventually, the badger drags the snake into a bush and the jackals seem to give up.

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Chobe National Park is considered one of the best national parks for wildlife viewing in southern Africa. It’s around 4,500 square miles in size and known for its large elephant and lion populations, though clearly, you never know what you might see on a safari there.

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