Voodoo Tactical Cheek Rest

Voodoo Tactical Buttstock Cheek Piece with Ammo Carrier Adjustable Rifle Stock Cheek Rest with Ammo Carrier is a great accessory for the competitive long-range shooter or hunter who wants easy access to extra rifle rounds or other gear. The Voodoo Tactical Cheek Piece also provides a padded cheek weld that adds comfort and lessons recoil. Features: Triple strap adjustment Ambidextrous design Removable center pad to lower eye relief Removable covers 7 round ammo carrier for .308 or 300 winmag


After buying the green cheek rest I bought another one. Second one is coyote tan, a friend bought the coyote also, and they are both a little smaller than the green one. If that is a consistent manufacturing trait that is handy to know, don’t know about the other colors. The green fits the Remington HS Precision and the coyote fits the Thompson Center Icon synthetic stock which is a little smaller. The green fit on the Thompson, just not as good. I think they were made to fit wooden stocks. I tried the bigger green cheek rest on a wooden sport stock and I did not use all the strap length to get it tight, and on a 1903 Springfield military stock I used a lot less strap length. On wooden stocks with a nice finish you will need to place a pad between the stock and two of the straps metal D rings. Thin cork under each works well. When you mount the rest do it so the pad is at about a 7 to 10 degrees off center toward the chamber ejection port side, these are made for your cheek to rest on and against, not just on top of. You can take the roll of padding out and cut off a layers to lower it, but canting it over 10 degrees on these rifles is awsome.

Pros: Comfortable
Holds your head rock solid
Well made
Good price for the product

Cons: Bulkier than most
Have to loosen and move pad over to clean bolt actions from the rear
Have to loosen and move pad to center for most hard gun cases


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