VentureBoard Travel Chess Set

As a guide and outfitter back in the day, we always suggested to customers to bring a deck of cards to play, while they were in camp. Rain, sleet and snow would slow down the hunting on some days or series of days and a good game would get you through white out conditions so you could get right back in the hunt with a positive mindset. I saw several clients bring in chess sets and I always enjoyed jumping into a game or two with them. So when VentureBoard offered to let me test the best travel chess set in the world, we had to give it a shot to see if it lived up to the high praise.

Lewis Kerwin grew up loving the outdoors and games and would often bring board games to camp. When he got more and more into chess he grew frustrated with the lack of good travel chess sets. On a long road trip in 2020, Lewis was playing chess with friends in the car but kept losing when the board was passed around or the car hit a bump. Lewis decided he had to create a better board and game and began sketching some ideas. Sketches turned into schematics that Lewis took on the road seeking feedback and advice and on a trip a Seattle brewery Lewis met Kirk and they collaborated to and created the ultimate chess board for travel.

One year later and a tremendous Kick Starter campaign, the VentureBoard Travel Chess Board was created. It is small, lightweight fully self contained. It is smaller than a Nalgene bottle and is able to fit in a cup holder. It will work in your car, the airplane or anywhere you plan to take it. Honestly, you could even take it into the hunting blind for that mid-day lull during whitetail season. Venture Board Games has created something that looks to stand the test of time whether you like chess or checkers. You now have a board you can take anywhere and it will save your game as you are playing.

If you like chess or you know someone who does, this just might make the best gift you could give them. Based on our personal experience with the board, it looks like is going to last for years and years. The VentureBoard comes in two colors and it is extremely well built. Of course, if you lose your chess pieces, they have replacements that you can buy. Looks like Lewis and Kirk hit this one out of the park.

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