UTTy Storage Solution Review

The UTTy provides a gear storage solution that is simple, lightweight and easy to utilize and easy to pack. The Ridge Company sent us out one to test and evaluate and when we finally had a moment to open it up and get into it we were pleasantly surprised by its simplicity and usefulness. The UTTy is a patented approach to a classic dilemma of what do you do with gear when you don’t have a tremendous amount of space.

Back in the day running an elk camp we used to have a tent for guides, a tent for eating and cooking and 2 tents for clients. We hunted from September through late November in a very wide variety of conditions. It was often, wet and cold and sometimes very snowy. Clients would come in to camp and we had all of the tents set up and we often had hooks or horizontal lines set up in the tent to hang gear from so that each person in camp could quickly and easily hang up wet gear to dry inside of a warm tent. Honestly, it was a complete mess but we did what we could.

The UTTy would have solved much of our stress if we could have had two of these for every person in camp hanging above or beside their cot. This is a handy little tool, it’s a strap with hooks on it and you can hang it anywhere. Gear goes on the hooks vertically and each person can have 4/6 hooks on each set to hang coats, gloves, pants, belt, hats, etc. Gear can now be off the ground, out of dirt and organized.

Currently day to day, I am using it to hang all of my hats in my closet and I may get one just to hang shoes off for the other side. I am also thinking of getting 2 more to hang hunting gear off of in my storage cabinet and an additional one to be in my suitcase for quick trips. The UTTy is so lightweight and portable, I can think of a ton of ways in which to utilize it. The idea came from a hockey family that had wet gear to hang up after every practice and game and looking across the sporting world, I can’t think of a sport in which it wouldn’t come in handy. Check these out at Theutty.com or pick it up at Amazon.

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