The Best Senko Worms of 2023

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Best Overall

Gary Yamamoto 5-Inch Senko



The Gary Yamamoto Senko is known by virtually every bass angler. The 5” is a solid pick for its medium size and versatility in different situations.

Best Kit

XFISHMAN Senko Worms



This 30 pack kit should last you plenty of trips out on the water and it comes with four different color baits.

Best Swimming

Gary Yamamoto Swimming Senko



Fish it weedless, use it as a trailer, or throw it as a swimbait. The slight alteration of the tail changes the game for Senko fishermen.

Among the many life lessons I’ve learned from my dad, the power of the Senko ranks up there. I can still remember him explaining what a Senko was to me when I started bass fishing as a little kid. At the time, I didn’t understand why we were using fake worms when we could just use real ones. My father told me that if I learned how to fish a Senko, I’d know how to catch a bass anywhere I go. So I learned how to fish Senkos every way I possibly could, and the funny thing is, my dad was right. If you know how to fish a Senko—you can catch bass anywhere you go.

Best Overall: Gary Yamamoto 5-inch SenkoBest Large Senko: Gary Yamamoto 7-inch SenkoBest Kit: XFISHMAN Senko WormsBest Swimming: Gary Yamamoto Swimming SenkoBest for the Money: Bass Pro Shops Dr. Fin-Eke Worm

Pick Your Senko Rig to Match The Hatch

Senkos are one of the most versatile fishing baits out there. They can be rigged many different ways and fished using various tactics and techniques. It is why there’s a good chance you’ll find some in almost every bass angler’s box. But finding the best Senko worms may take a little more time and experience given the endless amount of options you have at any outdoor store.

Senkos come in all different sizes, colors, and designs. If you ask 10 bass anglers what their favorite Senko rig is, there’s a good chance you’ll get 10 different answers. Preference is relative to experience and techniques. My favorite color is green pumpkin—the result of a Maine smallmouth trip where I had some of the best bass fishing of my life. 

This doesn’t mean I don’t fish any other color or bait, but a green pumpkin is my confidence color. It’s my go-to when nothing else is working, and a bait that I know will give me a good chance at hooking a fish. Spend time fine-tuning your preferences as you spend time on the water. When it comes to fishing Senkos, it’s wise to think like a fly angler and match the hatch. That is, don’t be afraid to switch things up, try new colors, and think outside the box. Most bass have seen their fair share of lures. Being different in technique and presentation will separate you from the pack.

How to Fish Senko Worms for Bass

The Senko is one of the best known bass baits of all time. It is reliable and useful in almost any situation. Its versatility and productivity are some of the main reasons so many anglers resort to fishing Senkos when nothing else is working. As the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Since my dad first showed it to me years ago, I have come to appreciate it even more as I’ve experimented with different techniques and methods over time. The wacky rig Senko is still my favorite way to fish these soft plastic lures. It is a perfect Senko rig for finesse fishing and flipping docks. This technique requires a soft touch, and as your skills improve with time, a wacky rigged Senko can come in handy in all types of situations.

Texas rig Senkos are another popular and effective way to fish. This rig allows you to get your bait in weeds and grass without the hook getting snagged. It also enables you to target bass in cover that otherwise wouldn’t be catchable. It is a must-know tactic and one almost every bass angler is familiar with. 

Wacky rig and Texas rig Senkos are just two of the numerous ways to fish these baits. You can fish a Senko with a jighead, weightless, or with a drop shot. As the seasons go by, you’ll start to find Senkos in your car, in your bedroom, and maybe even in your dresser. The excess of Senkos only means you’re catching fish and having fun. Here are some I consider essential fishing equipment. 

5 Best Senko Worms

Best Overall: Gary Yamamoto 5-Inch Senko

Not much has changed since the creation of the classic Senko. The Gary Yamamoto Senko is known by virtually every bass angler out there. I know many anglers that refuse to buy anything but the original. I like the 5” for its medium size and versatility in different situations. Every Senko list should begin with the classic that started it all. Make sure your tackle box always has a few in stock.

Best Large Senko: Gary Yamamoto 7” Senko

This 7” Senko is a larger take on the original bait. It is salt impregnated, and it casts beautifully. Even with the bigger profile, the 7” still retains its unique movement. It continues to be a top choice among bassmasters everywhere. I always like to have a few big Senkos ready to go. The larger the bait, the larger the bass, right?

Best Kit: XFISHMAN Senko Worms

Any serious bass angler knows how fast you can go through a pack of these when the fishing is on. Buying your baits in bulk is never a bad option, and this kit is a great choice. This 30 pack kit should last you plenty of trips out on the water and it comes with four different color baits.

Best Swimming: Gary Yamamoto Swimming Senko

This swimming Senko continues to grow in popularity throughout the bass fishing world because it crushes fish. It opens up new options and allows anglers to fish it in ways that wouldn’t be effective with a traditional one. Fish it weedless, use it as a trailer, or throw it as a swimbait. The slight alteration of the tail changes the game for Senko fishermen.

Best for the Money: Bass Pro Shops Dr. Fin-Eke Worm

This Senko-like soft plastic is half the price of name-brand worms, and it still catches fish. This bait is a slim 4 inches and perfect for finesse-style fishing. It creates great movement in the water and will get you bites without breaking the bank.


Q: How do you fish a Senko wacky style?

Hold the Senko with your thumb and index finger to find the center. Once you find the worm’s center point of gravity, push the hook through, leaving it exposed. This will create a flutter-type motion in the water that drives fish crazy.

Q: What color Senko works best?

Green pumpkin tends to be the most popular and productive color. However, color selection is often based on water clarity. Darker and murky water should be fished with a dark color Senko like black and blue. On sunny days and in clear water, use a more natural-looking color such as green pumpkin.

Q: What does a Senko imitate?

Senkos imitate many different things like worms, leeches, and craws. The idea to present something edible to entice bass to strike. You can retrieve the bait in a particular way to imitate certain creatures. But the Senko mimics all different types of worms and creatures bass like to feed on.

Final Thoughts on Why Senko Worms Are One of the Best Bass Fishing Baits

Senkos are a staple of the bass fishing community and continue to be one of the best fishing lures of all time. The versatility of Senkos is what makes this fishing lure so effective. With a simple alteration of rigging, you can be flipping docks one minute and casting into weeds the next. Experiment with your colors, sizes, and techniques to land more bass.

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