Ruger Introduces the ReadyDot™ Micro Reflex Optic

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) is pleased to introduce the Ruger® ReadyDot micro reflex optic. The Ruger ReadyDot is an ultra-reliable 1X reflex sight designed specifically to co-witness with the Ruger MAX-9® pistol, but the low-profile sight also fits any compact handgun with a standard Shield RMSc footprint. The use of a reflex sight like the Ruger ReadyDot allows the shooter to keep both eyes open and focus on the target, rather than the front sight.

Unlike optics that utilize batteries and electronics to generate their aiming dot, the Ruger ReadyDot utilizes the light-gathering properties of fiber optics, so it is self-adjusting for brightness and never needs a battery. Adding to the robustness of the unit, it is a fixed, non-adjustable sight with a large 15 MOA dot optimized for rapid target acquisition at pistol distances. Eliminating features that are unnecessary for close range pistol shooting makes this the most rugged and reliable, waterproof and shock resistant pistol optic available.

For more information or to order your Ruger ReadyDot visit or your local independent retailer of Ruger firearms.

The acquisition, ownership, possession and use of firearms is heavily regulated. Some models may not be legally available in your state or locale. Whatever your purpose for lawfully acquiring a firearm – know the law, get trained, and shoot safely.

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