Primos Ki-Yi Predator Call


The best part hands down about predator hunting is calling in a hungry dog from far off using a hand call. The Primos Ki-Yi Call is one that really gets the dogs going.

Over the last few years I have acquired a variety of predator calls, but whenever I hunt I make sure this one is on my lanyard. The Primos Ki-Yi Call is one of the ones that I will always have on the lanyard. This call is capable of producing a whole bunch of different sounds if you take the time to play with it a little before you go out. I’ve called in coyotes with the raspy jackrabbit sound leaving the mouthpiece on as well as by using it to make coyote sounds, such as the Ki-Yi, with it off. It is a great call for beginners as you can use it closed reed with fairly little practice, then take the mouthpiece off and really start to vary the sound as you become more experienced.

The Ki-Yi Call from Primos is a good design for both open reed and closed reed call in one. It makes great rabbit distress sounds and great injured yote sound. The o-ring design is great too, no need for multiple calls hanging around your neck and there’s two holes for a lanyard so you don’t lose either piece. the first time i used this was on a coyote hunt and called in a bobcat. The only thing with this call is condensation that builds up in cold temps, then it gets in the reed, so you have to take it apart and dry it out. Other than that, it’s a good piece and worth the buy.

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