For 24 years, the Outdoorsmans has been manufacturing lightweight tripods and adapters for hardcore hunters who need to be able to quickly and easily attach binoculars or a spotting scope to a tripod. Their unique binocular adapter is standard equipment for hunters across the western United States and beyond.

With one click, a pair of binoculars can be quickly attached to the Outdoorsmans adapter which can be used on a variety of brands of tripods including the American Made Outdoorsmans tripod.

The Outdoorsmans binocular adapter is available in two sizes.

The Tall works best with 56mm objective lenses to allow a full range of adjustment.

The Short version works best with 50mm and smaller objective lenses and can be left attached to the stud for storage inside a bino harness in some cases.

For many hunters, the reason they don’t use a tripod when glassing is because they don’t want to take a lot of time setting up a tripod and putting binoculars on a tripod can take a bit of time. When a Outdoorsmans binocular adapter is used on a tripod, it takes seconds to attach a pair of binoculars to a tripod, not minutes.

The Outdoorsmans binocular adapter is made of lightweight machined aluminum and is built to last. The binocular adapter works well with many of the Outdoorsmans tripod accessories, including the Outdoorsmans pan head, pistol grip, and micro pan had.

It is important to note a binocular stud is needed to use the binocular adapter. The binocular stud is sold separately.

To learn more about the Outdoorsmans binocular adapter and all of the Outdoorsmans products, visit outdoorsmans.com. See the video review above.