Olympic Archery In Schools

OAS Curriculum

Our curriculum reinforces the OAS Five Core Values. It encourages positive traits in young people through the sport of archery in a team environment. The OAS curriculum introduces the Search Institute’s Development Assets® framework of strengths and supports, which has become the most widely recognized and most frequently cited approach to positive youth development. The OAS Curriculum is a step-by-step guide for instructors on how to hold practices with a focus on youth development. Instructors have a structured one-page document dedicated to 16 practices that can be repeated during the OAS season. See here a sample page of the: OAS Curriculum Guide

Our curriculum teaches the USA Archery (USAA) National Training System (NTS). By teaching NTS from the beginning, you will be giving your archers the right foundation in proper biomechanics, shooting technique, and practice habits. This will help foster a safe learning environment as your students practice good form and safety before working with a bow.

Once approved into the program, participating schools receive access to equipment discounts through an archery retailer and instructor training so that their instructors learn how to safely run an archery program and how to teach the fundamentals of Olympic-style archery.

Thank you for your interest in the OAS program. We hope to see you and your archers on the range soon!