Mojo Critter Decoy

After trying many versions, MOJO Outdoors™ has developed the most effective predator decoy on the market. The MOJO Critter predator decoy is light-weight, portable, simple and affordable. It has highly visible and tantalizing action using realistic prey-type fur that immediately attracts and holds predators’ attention. Intermittent, cyclic action for added realism. It calls ’em in and diverts their attention away from you. The MOJO Critter is proven to work on all predators and will greatly improve your success.

The first time out with my Foxpro stingray and my Mojo Critter was incredible. I hunt mostly south Texas and with a warm south wind blowing a great big red coyote came charging at the decoy at 4pm in the afternoon. The next morning I set the speaker out with the decoy about 15 minutes before official sunrise and had to run back to my stand to get my rifle to shoot the female that was running right at the speaker and the decoy. I got to the stand at 6:50am to start setting up and was done at 7:05am with another coyote in the dirt. In the last 5 weeks I’ve killed 3 coyotes and 2 bobcats hunting maybe 7 or 8 times during that 5 weeks. One lesson learned is not to point the speaker directly away from where your set up. The first time I made that mistake I had to make a running shot on a male coyote and never had a chance at the female that was with him because the male saw me putting my rifle on the side of the stand because I hadn’t gotten completely set up before they came to the call/decoy. That’s right. Called in two at the same time. I am by no means an experienced predator hunter. Amateur isn’t even a good description. I’ve just taken it up as part of my therapy after coming back from overseas. I still like hunting deer. Nothing beats chicken fried backstrap and tenderloin, but predator hunting is an action sport. One word of caution-if you’re sitting under a tree with the speaker beside you and the decoy a few yards away and it’s getting dark and you have on a rabbit fur mad hatter hat, watch for owls. They don’t discriminate.

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