iSportsmanGX Portals to Reflect Army Installation Name Changes

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA— May 2023 has served as the official start to a process that began back in 2022 when it was designated by an independent commission that nine Army posts previously commemorating Confederate officers were renamed. Of those nine, iSportsman is proud to serve eight of the newly named Army posts, aiding in the outdoor recreational land management process through their SaaS to help each installation remain compliant with the Sikes Act.

As such the iSportsman portals, the log-in and information gateway for the iSportsman system that allows recreationists on these eight Army posts to access fishing, hunting, and other outdoor activities, have been or will be updated in turn to reflect the new names granted to each installation. The updated iSportsman portals are as follows:

The Army post formally known as Ft. Lee is now Ft. Gregg-Adams. The Ft. Gregg-Adams iSportsman portal can be found at:

The Army installation formally known as Ft. Rucker is now Ft. Novosel. The Ft. Novosel iSportsman portal can be found at:

The Army training hub in Georgia formally known as Ft. Benning is now Ft. Moore. The Ft. Moore iSportsman portal can be found at:

The Virginia National Guard post formerly known as Ft. Pickett is now Ft. Barfoot. The Ft. Barfoot iSportsman portal can be found at:

During the name-change process, iSportsman is responsible for updating the portal URL, training area and permit names/titles, map titles and labels and portal logo. The content of the portal pages themselves are the responsibility of the wildlife department directors at each installation. Currently within the business development department, iSportsman is also working to change all historical mentions of these bases to reflect the proper titles. 

There are further planned name change ceremonies in June, September, and October of this year. When appropriate and required, iSportsman will follow suit and announce the new portal URLs for the benefit and convenience of the recreationists who frequent them.

About iSportsman: iSportsman is the leading recreational program management solution in the nation, serving as the enterprise-level provider for the U.S. Army’s and U.S. Air Force’s hunting, fishing and firewood permit sales programs, as well as providing services to the U.S. Marine Corp, Army National Guard, and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services. iSportsman has been delivering SaaS and customized solutions to meet the needs of large-scale recreational programs for more than 12 years and currently manages permit sales, access control, reporting and more for more than 10.6 million acres of forest, fields, trails and waterways across the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii. Visit for more information.  

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