HISEA Deck Boots Review

September is filled with adventure, and I am here for it. From opening day of dove season, early season teal, archery openers across the country for elk, mule deer and pronghorn and small game seasons everywhere you look. It is also filled with outstanding opportunities for fishing, and we are looking forward to a busy fall on the boat and on the ground.

As an angler without a boat, I am usually relegated to fishing from shore, fishing on a friend’s boat, or hiring a guide. I remember the first time I got the chance to jump on someone’s big, new boat and fish the Chesapeake. I was about 14 years old, and I was excited to get out for a day on the water to catch bluefish. We took off out of Point Lookout, and by the time we got out to the target ship my shoes had left skid marks all over the deck of my friend’s father’s boat. I felt terrible. Of course, I helped scrub the deck free from all of those marks when we got back in to the dock that night. My friend’s father gave me a pretty good ribbing and said, “Son, if you ever want to be invited to come back on someone’s boat, you better find some good deck shoes.” For many years, I wore canvas deck shoes. and they just okay. They did not leave scuff marks, but they were just okay because once they get wet, they were uncomfortable to wear.

The HISEA Ankle Deck Boots are perfect for recreational fisherman. For one, they will not leave skid marks on your friend’s boat. These boots have a great arch in them and thy are as comfortable as you can get for an entire day on your feet. These boots are made with neoprene and soft rubber and remain 100% waterproof as long as that water is below the level of the boot. Of course, if you step in deep water these boots will fill up. That is just common sense, and we have all done it. I found the HISEA boots dried extremely quickly when I filled them up with water.

Deck Boots Need Grip

The most important part of having a great deck boot is ultimately the grip. With a rolling boat that is in rough water, you want to make sure your feet are planted exactly where you want them. These Deck Boots from HISEA are exactly what you want on wet and slippery surfaces especially once you start catching fish or the deck gets a little slimy. And these deck boots will not mark up the boat deck with black scuff marks.

In addition to a recent fishing trip, I have been wearing these around the house. I have found that they are pretty great boots for everyday use even when you are not on the deck of a boat. I like how easy they are to slip on and off, and I like the large orange tabs that assist in sliding into them. These boots look stylish enough with a pair of jeans, and they are comfortable to wear all day. A great realization while wearing these all day was that my feet remained dry, something that is not the case in all rubber boots. I took a quick look into this, and discovered that the lining is breathable and moisture-wicking to keep your feet dry all day long. The sole is comfortable and filled with memory foam, so it is the same every day you put these boots on.

If you want to be invited back onto your friend’s boat, you need a great pair of deck boots, and the HISEA Ankle Deck Boots are a good choice.. We reached out to HISEA and asked for a promo code for our readers so you can see how great these are for yourself.

Our Promo Code is: HuntingLife and it gets you our readers 15% off at HISEA.

The post HISEA Deck Boots Review first appeared on HuntingLife.com.

The post HISEA Deck Boots Review appeared first on HuntingLife.com.