Hevi-Shot: Dead Coyote

With these Hevi Shot® T-shot loads, you can be deadly at ranges you never thought possible with a 12 gauge. If you’re a waterfowler, you already know the benefits of Hevi Shot® — it’s 10% heavier than lead, 54% denser than steel and produces superior downrange pattern densities that make cleaner kills at greater distances. But until now, it wasn’t available in a shot size larger than BB, so you weren’t able to experience its true potential. The 3″ load pounds out 50 pellets at 1,350 feet-per-second. Each pellet is molded perfectly round to minimize the effects of air resistance and keep your pattern together longer. Simply put, Hevi Shot® T shot will deliver a lethal payload at the very extreme of shotgun ranges. Try it and you’ll be a believer. 10 shells per box.

3" 12 Gauge, 1-1/2 oz. 50 Pellets firing out at 1,300fps.
3″ 12 Gauge, 1-1/2 oz. 50 Pellets firing out at 1,300fps.

I’ve been involved with shotguns all my life from A5s to Super Black Eagles… If you hunt it with a shotgun I’ve done it… Hunted upland birds all my life, but have come to realize that in my area our quail are almost non existent these days….I have however discovered Predators…. Never have I been so impressed with an over the counter shot shell…. Gentlemen, hear me, when Hevi Shot says 70 yards they mean it, and I mean it, they will knock a coyote off his feet at 70 yards with bone crushing effectiveness………….

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