Game Hunting in Hawaii – Best of the Islands Guide

If you decide that you want to go to Hawaii for your next big hunting trip, then you need to know a few things. Not just about how to hunt in Hawaii, but also about where to hunt and what you can find on each island! Thankfully, Hawaii has several places and animals you can hunt, so read this guide and then get on your hunting trip!

What Animals Can I Hunt In Hawaii?

With beautiful land and a lot of wildlife to choose from, you can hunt a lot in Hawaii. Some of the animals you can find in Hawaii can include the Axis Deer, Hawaiian Boar, Black Hawaiian Sheep Mouflon, Dove, and Frank Colin. These animals like to hide in the busy cover of the landscape, so they can pose a challenge to a new hunter. 

If you like to hunt for food, then the meat of the Axis Deer, the Hawaiian Boar, and the Dove, are all very nutritious and delicious. It’s also in pretty high demand both locally and in the global market outside of Hawaii. Hunting and bringing home what you catch to cook is going to be an extra special event in Hawaii.

Make Sure To Hunt Across The Islands

Kaua‘i, O‘ahu, Maui, Moloka‘i, Lana‘i, and the big island of Hawaii all have their own dedicated public hunting areas that are open at different times of the year, and also specialize in different types of animals.

For example, while five islands allow you to hunt the feral pig during its season, Lana’i does not, but it does let you hunt the Mouflon sheep. 

Look at each of the islands to see what is in season and also look to see what can and can’t be hunted on each island. If you island hop and explore what each island has to offer a hunter, then you will get six different experiences!

Respect the Islands by Respecting the Posted Signs

Just like any other beautiful and pristine place, Hawaii has several rules in place for where you can hunt, when you can hunt, what you can hunt, and how to hunt sustainably. Respecting the islands and making sure you are treating both the land you are hunting on and the animal you are hunting with great respect is going to give you more of an experience.

Plus, it will make the hunt a lot sweeter! So make sure to follow the complete list of road signs and the rules of the hunting area, and everyone involved will have a good time! Except for maybe the animal you are hunting!

Hunt With The Correct Gear

Whether you prefer to hunt with a gun, bow, or nothing but a knife and a dog, you need to make sure to have the correct gear in Hawaii. Make sure you have a valid hunting license, check in and out at the established checking stations, and make sure your weapons are the right length and caliber for the hunting you are doing. Additionally, all hunters must wear a bright orange exterior garment if they are hunting in an area with firearms for safety.

Still, if you follow the rules and make sure that you are hunting the correct animal in the correct place, you can make the most of your time game hunting in Hawaii. And whether you bring home an animal for food, a trophy, or for both, one thing you will always bring back is the memories of an epic hunting trip across all of the islands of Hawaii!

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