Exotac xREEL Review

Exotac Creates the Ultimate Hand Fishing Rig

We all know that in a survival situation there are things you can do to dramatically increase your odds of survival no matter where you are in the world.  Water, food, fire, shelter, light, mindset are just some of the things that can help you move forward.  Exotac makes products to address some of your needs for survival and the xReel is one of those tools.  The xReel is a handline fishing reel that helps you to control your line without the use of a fishing pole and just your hands on the line so you can feel a strike from a fish or using a bobber you can set the hook with your hands.  It is a very simple method of fishing and if you can learn this skill, it can save your life in a survival situation.

The xREEL was built for survival fishing, and it is the perfect little fishing kit for your backpack. If you have not yet had the opportunity to try out some of the great products from the team at Exotac then this might just be the right product to get you started. We have been fans of Exotac for close to a decade now. We will not go anywhere without a Exotac Firerod, Titanlight and Ripspool in our backpack.

The Exotac xREEL is a handline fishing kit that fits over your fingers with a small (TPE) rubberized handle that easily slides right over your fingers. It is kind of a one size fits most folks handle, and it is very well thought out. The unit is self-contained with line wrapped around the outside in a spool and a small tackle storage compartment that is just large enough to house hooks, sinkers and a couple of floats. I add in a couple of really small spinners and a few flies to the mix. This is the perfect little kit which in a pinch could help you stay alive in the high country. The xREEL weighs about 6 ounces for those who are seriously weight conscious.

The xREEL comes with over 50 feet of 15 lb test. If you want more line you can reduce your line test down to something smaller. I have found that in most high country ponds and streams, line size rarely matters and 15 lb test is going to be more than enough. The unit comes with holes to park your hook. I recommend an assortment of different sized hooks as well as a few more weights in different sizes. This variety allows you to match the kinds of fish you see as well as the types of bugs you can collect wherever you happen to be.

I have not hand fished for quite some time but having the tools in a simple kit like this is absolutely genius. It is made in the USA and will last a lifetime. Be ready to pass on to the next generation. I recommend changing the line out every few years just to make sure it is ready to go when you need it. I also grabbed one of those cool little rubber wristbands you get at promotional events and wrapped that around the line. It fit perfectly and protects the line. If you ever needed to, you could cut up the wrist band into little chunks to make it look like bait. I am looking for one that is white, red or yellow but for now the black one works.

The Exotac xREEL costs $99.95, but you are getting a quality tool at an extreme lightweight that is well thought out and useful. In a survival situation, this tool along with the ability to build a fire could keep you alive with healthy protein. Luckily we have a deal: if you use the coupon code: HuntingLife you get 20% off your order. You also get to support a truly great American company that is building great products you will be excited to have in your kit every time you step outside.

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