Caldwell’s Ballistic Precision Chronograph

The Ballistic Precision Chronograph from Caldwell is calibrated for even greater accuracy. It captures velocity measurements within +/-0.25% by using a high-speed processor and a circuit with an advanced data interface. Although technologically advanced, this chronograph is simple to use. Simple-operation LED screen displays velocity in feet-per-second or meters-per-second readings.

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It can also deliver this data to your iPhone® or iPad® through the use of the included 15-ft. audio jack cable and an available free app that exports via SMS or email. This handy app adds to your experience by automatically calculating average velocity, standard deviation and the minimum, maximum and velocity spread of each shot string. Includes extra-wide sun screens and a convenient carry bag.


I was in the market for a new chronograph and decided to go with the Caldwell. I was a little apprehensive as I had been using a well known brand for several years. The instrument lives up to the manufacturer’s claims and then some. In the course of a week I have been able to use it for clocking a variety of bullets at the gun range and also to measure arrow velocity at the indoor archery range. It handles both tasks with equal ease.
With the IPhone Adaptor Cable, it is possible to record, store, and email shot groupings (strings) for additional analysis and comparison off the field. You will need to download an App to your IPhone (free) in order to use this feature.

There is a reason the cable is 15 feet long- set the unit well away from the muzzle of black powder guns. I kept getting a lot of errors (no data) until I realized that the smoke and lube from the bullets was interfering with the sensors. I didn’t realize this until I noticed how much soot and greasy crud was building up on the sunscreen and supports. I simply cleaned the unit , moved it further from the bench, and recorded results increased dramatically.
By providing accurate velocity data, this instrument will allow you to analyze the performance of your gun or bow, and measure the effects of changes to the setup ( powder charge, bullet weight, arrow weight, etc.) in order to get the very best results. Needless to say, it was a great decision and I am very pleased!
Oh yeah, it works too. I have gotten consistent, accurate readings while working up loads for my .44Mag, .500S&W, 6.5×284Norma and .300WinMag. The directions are easy to read,understand and are spot-on.


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