Bear Forest Knives- Top Outdoor Knives for Backwoods Camping

When it comes to backwoods camping, a good knife is an essential tool to have on hand. A quality knife can be used for everything from preparing food to starting a fire and building shelter. When choosing a knife for backwoods camping, it’s crucial to opt for one that is durable, reliable, and easy to maintain. It should also have a fixed blade for added stability and control and a full tang for added strength. Additionally, it’s important to choose a blade suitable for the tasks you’re likely to encounter. Bear Forest Knives Introduces three knives for your next camping adventure—The Simple 2, PuuMuk, and Wood Butcher.

The Simple 2- The Simple 2 is another offering in The Simple series–minus two inches! We took a full-sized Simple and scaled it down–making it more streamlined. The steel is also different; we went with AEB-L Stainless steel with excellent results. This steel introduces exceptional corrosion resistance and edge-holding abilities without giving up toughness, as the size of the knife dictates what it is meant for–carving and slicing! The Simple 2 is less intrusive on the belt and lighter. It can also be made into a neck knife by adding cordage and removing the pocket clip. The true GEM is the thin 1/16″ thin blade making it a stellar cutting, slicing, and carving Bushcrafting tool!

The Simple 2

Overall Length: 6″

Blade Length: 3″

Thickness: .06” (1/16”)

Steel: AEB-L (Cryo Treated)

90-Degree Spine

Grind: True Zero Scandi

Finish: Raw

Handle Scales: Natural Canvas Micarta, Black Canvas, Green Canvas, Grey Burlap, Orange Burlap

Sheath: KYDEX® black (.080)

USA Made

MSRP: $159.99

The PuuMuk- For outdoors people who aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty, the PuuMuk is the perfect blade to accompany them on their adventures. This versatile knife combines two classic designs, the Scandinavian Puukko and Nessmuk-style, in an 8.25-inch long hybrid perfect for slicing, butchering, skinning, and whittling. The thin blade is designed to tackle whatever’s put before it, whether green wood, vegetables, or meat. Its raw finish allows the blade to develop its patina from use, a testament to its timelessness and reliability. With the PuuMuk, you can enjoy both form and function in one knife. Combine the PuuMuk with an axe and saw or jackknife for the ultimate trio of legendary outdoor tools!

The PuuMuk

Overall Length: 8.375 inches

Blade Length: 3.75 inches

Thickness: .093 inches (3/32”)

Steel: 80CrV2 High Carbon

90-Degree Spine

Grind: High Saber/Scandi

Finish: Acid Wash

Handle Scales: Natural, Black Linen Micarta, Red Oak (Scandi Only)

Sheath: JRE Industries Leather Sheath Brown U.S.A Made 

U.S.A Made  

MSRP: $179.99

The Wood Butcher- The Wood Butcher is an American cutlery icon re-envisioned, delivering excellence for every outdoor need. This tough bowie-style knife provides reliable precision and control with a clip-point blade for versatility. The 7-inch long blade is crafted from 80CrV2 high carbon steel with a rock tumbled acid wash. The substantial .187-inch stock of the Wood Butcher will make easy work of meat and wood alike, boasting strength and durability that won’t chip or roll when chopping through bones or frozen wood. If you’re looking for classic dependability and modern performance, then the Wood Butcher is your ideal outdoor companion.

The Wood Butcher

Overall Length: 12 inches

Blade Length: 7 inches

Thickness: .187 inches (3/16”)

Steel: 80CrV2 High Carbon

90-Degree Spine

Grind: Saber

Finish: Rock Tumbled Acid Wash

Handle Scales: Micarta: Orange Burlap Micarta, Green Burlap Micarta, Black Canvas Micarta, Natural Canvas Micarta

Sheath: KYDEX® Green/Black, Truhide Tequila, Truhide Whip (.080) with Nylon Belt Loop

U.S.A Made  

MSRP: $299.99

About Bear Forest Knives:

Bear Forest Knives shares an abiding love for the great outdoors, the freedom and fresh air, and the chance to connect with nature in all its glorious forms. Bear Forest Knives was created to enhance all adventures and interactions in the wild, standing at the ready for whatever the day or night, climate, or conditions may bring. Bear Forest Knives are purpose-built for these moments and the daily life that happens in between.

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