BeamLOKR Flashlight Mount

The BeamLOKR is a magnetic mount that fits almost any 1″ diameter flashlight and then attaches firmly to the barrel of your weapon. This magnetic flashlight mount is a great new tool for hunting and home defense. No need for tools or disassembly to get it on and off, you can switch the light between multiple weapons in seconds and there’s no scratching of your barrel. The light that came with it is a good power for home defense, Enough to make someone squint, and even for hunting by focusing it out. It’s not a Surefire but it’s also nowhere near the price point of one either.


You want to use this directly on the barrel as the steel gives it a much better hold. It will move on you, there’s no way to help that but even after a 5 shots of 3″ magnum buckshot it still stays on the barrel doing what it’s supposed to do, but it did move about 4-5 inches. If you attach it on the magazine tube, you can even feel that it doesn’t attract on nearly as well as the barrel but it will still stay on for 2 shots before popping off. For $50 it’s still a great buy.

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