Be Prepared For Gobbler Action!

Yikes! Sometimes you take ‘a few more steps’ and, ouch, you see a Gobbler through the trees and underbrush and luckily he has not seen you. Yet! Other times you see ol’ longbeard stealthfully giving you the slip. Or else doing what around here we call, “Carrying The Mail.” as he rapidly adds trees and brush between him and you. And sometimes the worst thing of all happens and they FLY!

Over the years I’ve turkey hunted with lots of different people, ranging from greats to newbies. The most common reaction of the newbies and intermediates is to POINT and YELL-OUT or WHISPER LOUDLY “turkey.” The yelling and whispering reactions are no good.

Another common knee-jerk action is to stand up fully erect to get a better look at the fleeing or sneaking gobbler. That’s no good either.

It’s best to freeze in place and Shut Up.

It’s also common for newish hunters to yank out their turkey call and begin calling. That is a no-no too. It’s rIght up there with calling out of the pickup window when you see a gobbler.

My #1 Rule in the turkey woods is “AVOID SPOOKING ANY GOBBLERS.” Having a gobbler sneak to get away from you is the best you can hope for. Making them FLY is the worst.

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