2A Commerce, ConnectPOS Partner to Benefit Firearm Retailers

2A Commerce and ConnectPOS are proud to announce their strategic collaboration today, with 2A Commerce selecting ConnectPOS as its preferred Point-of-Sale (POS) partner.

2A Commerce, a trailblazer in technology solutions for the shooting sports retail industry, is known for its custom development, SEO marketing, ecommerce solutions, and its innovative 2A Data product. 2A Data’s state-of-the-art open architecture distributor data feed is designed to provide retailers with real-time distributor inventory data, thereby dramatically improving their inventory management capabilities.

ConnectPOS is an award-winning point-of-sale system behind the success of ASUS, Yeti Cycles and more. The company is known for its modern technology and high-performing systems.

The partnership will see this cutting-edge POS system integrate seamlessly with 2A Commerce’s 2A Data and custom e-commerce web services. This will provide shooting sports retailers immediate access to distributor inventory data directly in the POS system synchronized with their e-commerce website. This revolutionary integration aligns perfectly with the mission of 2A Data: to better organize and make accessible firearm-related data.

“The synergy between ConnectPOS and 2A Commerce will lead to improved business operations and increased sales for retailers,” said Greg Tanacea, CEO of 2A Commerce.”We are excited about this partnership and believe it will significantly enhance inventory management across multiple sales channels and increase customer satisfaction in the shooting sports retail industry.”

“This collaboration between2A Commerce and Connect POS is a game-changer for shooting sports retailers,” said Hai Nguyen, CEO of ConnectPOS. “By combining our expertise in the POS sector with 2A Commerce’s innovative technology solutions, we are revolutionizing the industry. Retailers will now have immediate access to real-time distributor inventory data within the POS system, enabling better inventory management and an enhanced customer experience. We are proud to be driving innovation in the shooting sports retail industry, empowering retailers to thrive in this dynamic market.”

This partnership underlines both companies’ dedication to fostering innovation and continuously improving the retail experience in the firearm industry.

About 2A Commerce

2A Commerce is committed to revolutionizing the shooting sports retail industry with advanced technology solutions. The company’s groundbreaking product, 2A Data, organizes and makes accessible firearm-related data, aiding retailers in informed decision-making and improving customer satisfaction. Learn more at www.2acommerce.com.

About ConnectPOS

ConnectPOS is the leading cloud-based POS system that shapes the future of over 10,000customers and 100+ partners worldwide. With its award-winning technology and seamless integration with top eCommerce platforms, ConnectPOS offers an easy-to-use and “tailor-made” system for businesses at all scales, especially for retail chains and enterprises. For more information, please visit: https://www.connectpos.com/

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